Sunday, August 31, 2008


This week I'm grateful that we were able to.....


Saturday was the Disneyland Family Fun Run 5K. Well, it was actually a walk too. You just had to power walk!! The scary part was I learned a few days before the event they wanted to you keep a pace of a 1 mile in 16 minutes! If not you would be "escorted" off the course! YIKES!! The last 5K we participated in was at a Parents Weekend at BYU! We finished last, but had a blast. In my daily walks I do 2 minutes in 20 minutes, of course that is up and down hills, so I don't know why I'm so hard on myself.

This event was such fun!! We joined four thousand other crazy people at 7am in the morning for the privilege of racing through Disneyland. We finished in just under an hour and there were several people way behind us. There were Disney characters throughout the course waving and cheering us on!! Katie and Rachel and Joey were there too!! (I will post more pictures in another post). They ran the course however!! Such showoffs!!

Here of some of the pictures that the professional people took, here and here

We had so much fun that we all agreed we would do this event again!! Anyone else want to join us???


Laurel said...

Great exercise and looks like you had some fun too.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Awesome! Way to go!

Catherine said...

If I could, Cindy, I would join
you for the race, but ...
Thanks to add your picture to the Guestbook. I'm glad to get you and your family (because it's a family bmlog, isn't it?)in my blogger friends.
You can take away an award at my blog on Monday post.
Thanks for the idea of background, too. I take it from you!

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