Monday, October 20, 2008

Ethan's Baptism

Last evening we had the wonderful opportunity to attend the baptism of our friend, Ethan. Ethan is a wonderful, enthusiastic eight year old. He is almost, kind of, related to us. Well, you see, Ethan is my son-in-law Matteo's cousin's son. That makes Matteo and Ethan first cousins once removed!! And that makes Ethan and my grandson Thomas second cousins! (Can you tell I love family history?? Only a family historian would know those kinds of things) Besides that Holly, Ethan's mom, and my daughter-in-law Sariah are BFF' friends forever!! Oh, well, that all doesn't matter. I just love this family anyway and Ethan has a special place in my heart!

He was so excited for his baptism. His sister, Evelyn said the opening prayer, and Ethan immediately turned to his Grandfather and said happily and in a loud voice, "My sister gave the opening prayer for me!! " Then his grandmother gave a talk about baptism. She had Ethan come stand beside her as she talked to him about what baptism means. It was so touching to me to see him lovely look up into her face as she spoke!! The spirit was very strong throughout the whole baptism.

I just love attending baptisms and reflecting on my own. I am grateful for these little ones who decided at a young age that they are going follow the Savior Jesus Christ. I hope it can be a strength to them in times of trouble.

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