Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Free Speech Rights

I'm a quiet person, I don't force myself or my views on people. However, my strong feelings in favor of Proposition 8 and my desire to follow the Prophet lead me to place signs supporting Prop 8 on my yard. Isn't that my free speech right?

We have had three signs stolen and/or tampered with and that makes me very sad. The latest incident happened last evening when Mike and I went out for a walk. Are the neighbors watching us and removing our signs when we leave the house??

Am I going to be dissuaded from replacing the signs?? NO!! In fact, we still had two left and I put them out again this morning. I wonder if they will be there when we get home from church.

The "No, on Prop 8"people ask for tolerance. It seems only one-sided, at least to me.

We need to pray for our country.


Laurel said...

AMEN!! We certainly need to pray.

April and Matteo said...

I have read some very intolerant statements by people arguing against proposition 8. One thing I read contained several dirty words and a "prayer" that we would all die of a horrible cancer. Well, someone is showing their true colors. Also, I've heard that the Oakland temple has been having trouble with protesters blocking traffic and yelling at temple patrons. I guess that form of free speech is okay, but you're just being prejudice to have that sign in your yard!

Catherine said...

At least in your blog, nobody can steal your sign! Or if they do, it's to share it with you. And to share your opinion.
If it has something to do with the previous videos, I'm with you. Not because I'm not an open-mind person, but because I consider Marriage has a sacred link, and governmental laws can't modify any sacrament. Especially without asking citizens.

Cindy said...

Somehow, I knew you would agree, Catherine. Proposition 8 here in California will simply amendment the state constitution to simply say. "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California." I agree it is sacred and they did ask the people and 61% agree and four judges overturned that.

Catherine said...

That's exactly how they always get what they want. In France, they asked by referendum, if people agreed to the new European Constitution. We said "NO", they changed a few words in it, to heve clear conscience. Then they adopted the new text, WITHOUT asking by a new referendum. The answer would have been the same and they (government) knew it.

Thanks Cindy to sign in my "Followers". Like Tommy represents you.

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