Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I just have few questions that came to mind during my most recent trip.

1. Why do people walk on the moving walkways at airports? There is plenty of room to walk in the corridor between the two walkways. Don't they know if they just stand, the walkway will move them?

2. Why is it okay to eat ice cream
for breakfast in the airport??

3. Why did I forget my camera so I could take a picture of the sign that said: "Ice Cream for Breakfast. It's what you want??"

4. Why would anyone eat ice cream for breakfast?? I love ice cream, but in the morning,
I want eggs or oatmeal or something to warm me up!!


Catherine said...

Don't laugh at me but I walk on the moving walkways in the Parisian subway. Once, I was passing a provincial tourist, and he said to his friend : "Look how they're crazy here, they're even walking on the moving walkway!". That's the way they recognize us, always in a hurryn walking as if we were always late, or have an appointment.
No ice cream here for breakfast. When will you try to instaure that here? Maybe with the help of Mac Donald's ? I don't think it will be well-accepted.

April and Matteo said...

Good questions Mom. I have some answers. They walk on the moving walkways because it's faster than walking in the corridor or just standing. Some people are always in a hurry. Time is money. People want to get where they can pull out their laptops and do business. Plus, no one wants to miss a flight. About the ice cream for breakfast, well, I think ice cream any time is fine with me! (I wish I could have ice cream for breakfast. I'm still avoiding dairy for Tommy however.) It tastes good anytime! Even if you don't go for that though, consider that perhaps a passenger has just arrived from the other side of the world and it feels more like night to them than morning. Jet lag or something. About forgetting your camera, I can empathize with that one. I always regret leaving my camera behind.

Liz said...

Well, I walk fast, but walking fast on the moving walkway helps me walk even faster which is good when I'm trying to get to a flight or the baggage claim. :)

I think I'd take ice cream for breakfast over something like cold pizza.

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