Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday's Memories

How I loved Santa Claus when I was a little girl. Oh, wait!! I still love Santa Claus!!

Anyway, one Christmas season, when I was about five years old, our little family attended a Christmas Party at the local firehouse in Glendale, New Hampshire. My two brothers and I were excited to hear that Santa himself might even be there!! Might?? We also heard that if Santa couldn't make it for some reason, (after all, it was a busy time year for him) our very own Daddy was going to be a "Santa Helper" and pretend to be Santa Claus!! My mom would NOT tell us which Santa would be there!! I was so excited to sit on the lap of Santa Claus and tell him I had been a very good little girl and wished for a doll for Christmas, a big one that could walk!!
Finally, the big day came!! I excitedly climbed on Santa's lap. I check out the beard and the voice and the eyes! I was positive it was the real Santa!! What a lucky little girl to sit on the lap of the very real Santa Claus!! And guess what?? I even got my doll!!

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Catherine said...

This story is so nice! Some children are brave, others are scared when they approach Santa.

I knew that if there was a souvenir of that day, you would have kept it preciously. What a wonderful souvenir!

I have some pictures os my children with Le Père Noël. Hope they'll keep this pictures for a long time.

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