Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday's Memories

When I was nine years old, the one and only thing I wanted for Christmas was a bible. A bible of my very own!! Funny, I don't even remember there being another bible in the house. I was trying to remember if my parents had a bible. I truly don't remember seeing one or ever remember my parents even reading a bible. Both of them, for some reason had fallen away from their Catholic upbringing. Maybe it was because my father's first marriage ended in divorce. I'm not really sure. However, I just felt a desire to go to church even if my family didn't so I would go to different churches with my friends. My family never went to church together. I was so happy my parents respected my spiritual side and granted my wish for a bible.

It's a quite a bit worn now, but still beautiful to me. I love the pictures in this bible.

I love to look at my Dad's printing on the face plate of this special book. I know my parents loved me to buy this very special book.

Today this bible one of my oldest and most cherish possessions. What is the oldest Christmas present you still have in your possession??


Katie said...

I think my teddy bear. I think I was 7 years old when I got him.I didn't realize that bible was a Christmas present. Thanks for sharing!

Catherine said...

"Touching" of course. Your Bible is wonderful.
My parents were just like yours. They offer me the opportunity to be Catholic by my baptism by, let's say, "tradition". But they were absolutely not devout.
It's my middle son who, in a certain way, brought me back to religion. He is an altar boy, I go with him to attend the Mass, then, Sunday after Sunday, I felt how it was important to attend Mass and live with religion on my side.
Christmas present? I'm affraid I can't remember one particularly. What a pity!

Rachel said...

I still have a jewlery box I got with angels on it.

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