Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Derby Details

The pinewood derby 2009 has come and gone. Mike, Evan and I each made our own car. Building them was great fun. Brother Bob was a great help. He shared his great pinewood derby expertise with two scheduled workshops in his garage. He also helped a lot of people one on one. He says the best thing about working on pinewood derby's is getting to know other people. I agree. The derby last night was great fun. Evan received third place in the men division.

Here's my naked car.

Mike and Bob hard at work.

Evan spray painting the "Green Flash"!!

The Price Family from up the street. Brother Bob, helped them too!!

Here is a line up of some of the cars. See the piano car, that won "most unique". Mike's is the white one next to it, "Going Down in Flames". Mike put a lot of detail into the flames on the side of his car.

"The Green Flash" number 21!!! It came in number 1 in two of it's heats.

I thought the flip flop car was very clever.

More cars!!

Can you believe all these pinewoood derby cars??

Evan and his third place ribbon!! Way to go Evan!! You beat Dad, Woo Hoo!!

I'm already thinking about what do for next year's pinewood derby!! Got any ideas???


Fer said...

How creative!!!!!!!

Liz said...

What a fun activity! I saw this idea on someone's blog several years ago, and think it is a fabulous idea!

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