Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday's Memories - April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day can sometimes be fun. I loved the year when I tricked Mike to be believe we had a leak under the kitchen sink. He had just repaired a leak about a week before. Mike dislikes working on the plumbing, but won't call a plumber. I knew he would NOT be happy with another leak. When he came home on April Fools Day, I told him that we had yet another leak. He didn't believe me at first, until I told him come look. I had conveniently placed a bucket under the sink and filled it with water. I am not sure how I managed not to giggle. The water in the bucket convinced him totally. It was so fun to tell him, "Got Ya!"

Sometimes, however April Fools jokes can go a little wrong and backfire. Like the time that I helped to trick Katie's high school track coach. Katie is known for, shall we say, injuring herself rather frequently. (She will deny it, you wait and see.) So it didn't seem to far fetched that she could be hurt. April Fools Day happened to be the same day as a track meet. Katie went to school uninjured but with her arm in a sling!! At first, Coach Tucker thought she was just kidding, until she provided a note from her mom. I can't believe I did that. It's one thing to trick a member of your family, and something totally different to trick a coach. Anyway, Coach Tucker ended up scratching Katie from the race before she could tell him, "APRIL FOOL'S!!". OOPS!! That was not a good thing. It did get worked out before the end of the day and she did get to race. At awards night Coach Tucker had to share the whole incident with everyone. Oh, my, I felt like crawling under the table!!

So what are your plans for this April Fool's Day??


Laura Lee said...

I can no longer celebrate April Fool's Day. It is banned in our family...due to a joke gone wrong! The worst! I was in UT with my Dad and it really was his idea. He was in the hospital after having surgery for prostate cancer. He was doing well and expected to make a full recovery. He told me to call the girls (who were home in CA) and tell them to get packed and ready and they could come to UT to visit him! Then, in 5 minutes, after the girls had run around like crazy getting stuff gathered together, he had me call back and say 'April Fool's!' Needless to say, they did not like it one bit. They hung up the phone repeatedly when we tried to call back. He laughed so hard he cried. know what I'm going to say...he died April 23rd from a brain hemorrhage unexpectedly. The girls didn't get to see him. I don't think they will ever truly forgive me or him! (They were almost 16, 14 and 12)

Cindy said...

Awe, it wasn't your fault!! Or your Dad's. None of us know the future.

Catherine said...

Often, the simpliest tricks are the best ones ever. The one of the leak was excellent. It demanded very few preparation, and sounds so true. Very well done.
As you know, in France, one of the trick is to hang a paper fish on someone's back.
I remember, when I was in Highschool, one student hung a real fish on the blackboard. All the students in the classrrom were waiting for the teacher to realize. That was the first time we were so impatient to watch the teacher writing something on the blackboard.

Katie said...

Actually that was two different years. One year was the arm in the sling and the next year was when he scratched me from the meet. The year after that we didn't get to race because we had to see Spencer in the hospital. I think it took him a little while to actually believe that one.

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