Thursday, April 16, 2009


Question: What do humpback whales, convertible rides, dinosaurs, The Rainforest Cafe, rubbing a bulging pregnant belly, Joshua Trees, The Mesa Temple Easter Pageant, The Riparian Preserve, Star War Mad Libs, Moose Tunes and hacking, coughing with a stuffy nose, have in common??

Give up??

Answer: Things we experienced on our Spring vacation. Here's some pictures and details!!

First, we went whale watching off the coast of Santa Barbara. It was gorgeous day and we saw three humpback whales in a feeding frenzy. At one point the whales went under the boat. That was a little freaky. The first picture is not mine. We didn't see any whales jump out like that. They only put their huge heads out of the water with mouths gaping. It is amazing how big just their heads can be!!

Pictures just do NOT do whale watching justice. It is something to be experienced. The sounds and smells, and ocean breeze are all part of the experience.

We then drove south to spend a day with Amy and John and the evening with Katie and Brad.

Evan had fun going for a spin in John and Amy's convertible!!

We saw this cute little replica of a dinosaur at the Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center.

Then a bigger dinosaur scared the living daylights out of Evan and John. Such wimps!!

Evan enjoyed conversing with his little unborn nephew. Isn't Katie cute with her big belly. I got to feel the baby move!!!

Katie was not so cute blowing bubbles!! She grossed poor Brad out!!

John and Amy being lovey dovey at Rainforest Cafe.

More pictures and details in the coming days!!

Oh, just so you know. Evan was the one who got sick. Poor guy! We came home earlier than we wanted too. He was getting better, but then yesterday he starting coughing worse then ever and has a fever. A call to the doctor got us squeezed in today, and his lungs are clear so that is good. He just has a virus that needs to run it's course. I wish he could stop coughing, I feel so bad for him!!


Catherine said...

I won't certainly never watch whales for real. I imagine the thrill of the experience. Something one can't forget.

How happy your family must feel to be just about to welcome a new baby ! A new baby, new nephew, new grandson, a great joy for all of you to share.

Have a nice Sunday, Cindy. I wish Evan to feel better soon. Maybe it's a kind of allergy ?

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

You must NOT say to ANY pregnant woman she has a big belly. You must lie and say, "You're kidding, you're seven months pregnant? I would have guessed five." It makes for happiness all around. This tip was brought to you by a woman who has "been there, done that."

Other than that minor mistake your blog is delightful! The whales are amazing.

I hope Evan is feeling better. I must check his blog. I have been negligent.

Katie said...


Cindy said...

At one point Katie was complaining she wasn't big enough!! I have edit my post!! :)

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