Thursday, April 30, 2009

After our short little trip to Southern California we headed out to cross the desert to visit with Rachel and Joey in Arizona. First we stopped at Joshua Tree National Park in the California desert.

We picked a great time to visit the desert. It wasn't too hot at all. The temperature was perfect!!

This is Cap Rock. We don't know how that balancing rock is staying put.

The desert flowers are beautiful.

Twilight at the desert if a very beautiful time.

One of the funnest places we visited with Rachel and Joey was Organ Stop Pizza. If you are ever in Mesa Arizona you MUST go here to eat. The organ they have is incredible and he plays all kinds of music. It was mesmerizing to watch this incredible musician.

Pictures just do not do this place justice. It is a experience, you just have to experience!! I hope this video works for you. The noise starts out kind of funky but if you wait a few seconds it gets better. The organ plays all kind of other instruments beside the pipe organ, from drums and xylophones to piano's and trumpets. It's cool to watch the organ come up from out of nowhere.

On Friday, while Rachel worked, Joey took us to visit the Gilbert Riparian Preserve. The preserve has all kinds of fauna and flora.

Isn't this little turtle adorable?

The desert plants are so colorful

Our favorite thing we saw in Mesa was the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple. Here is a web page with some great pictures of the pageant. It was very inspiring to watch, and a great way to celebrate the true meaning of Easter.

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Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Those desert flowers ARE beautiful. Congrats on all the half dozens.

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