Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday's Memory

The little stuffed lamb was well used loved and dirty. It was my gift from a white elephant exchange. My little five or six year old mind really wanted to bring that stuffed little lamb home with me. It just needed some TLC (tender, loving, care). My mom, didn't quite see it that way however. I am sure she just thought, that thing was full of germs. At least that is what I imagine now, that I'm a mom. I was devastated when she made me throw that little stuffed lamb in the trash can, even before we made it home.

I have thought about that little stuffed lamb through the years. As I grew to adulthood and learned more about the gospel of Jesus Christ, it hit me, that lamb is like some people, they may be a little well used, or even dirty and we reject them. Do we judge people for what is on the outside and not for what is on the inside? Do you judge them for the mistakes they made. Can love transform a person? I believe it can.

There are also times that I look at myself as that little well used loved and dirty lamb. I think about the love that the Good Shepherd has for me despite my failings. At times I can be rebellious, judgmental, angry, and just plain lazy. But, no matter what, my Savior Jesus Christ, is there quietly leading, guiding and loving me. It is overwhelming and difficult for me to comprehend that kind of love.

Isn't it interesting how a childhood memory, such a small thing could leave such a profound meaning.


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Cindy, this is a lovely post. Thank you. I have a framed picture of the nativity and right up front, looking at the Baby Jesus is...a little lamb, and he is a little black lamb. It gives me hope if the one who is black--not as in race, but as in sin--is right there, looking at the Savior then there is room for me.

Catherine said...

That's a so touching story, Cindy.
You're right, our life makes us judge others sometimes too quickly on the appearance. It's easier for some than thinking a little bit.

I like the way your memory make you find a great wisdom in life.

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