Sunday, May 3, 2009


Isn't that a great number??

Six..half a dozen.

It could be half a dozen glazed donuts, or maybe half a dozen eggs, or possibly half a dozen ears of corn. YUM!! What else comes in dozens? I guess you could have half a dozen pair of shoes.

Oh, how about half a dozen children? That's what we have!! Or maybe I should say half a dozen wonderful grown up adults!! Some of my children are offended when I use the term children to describe them!!

How about half a dozen grandchildren? Now that sounds like a wonderful number!! And, that's how many grandchildren we will have at the end of the year!! Katie and Brad will be having there baby soon. That will bring us to five!! Drum roll please.....And now, John and Amy are expecting a little baby as a Christmas present this year!! We are all so excited!! Two new grandbabies this year. What could be better?? I like half a dozen!!

1 comment:

Sue Sparks said...

Grandchildren #5 is due next month for us! :)

P.S. I chuckled when I read "Elder" Dorado too!

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