Friday, August 14, 2009


Spiders are taking over my back yard. There are literally hundreds of them on the hill .

Their webs glisten with dew in the early morning.

Some of them appear to have no pattern.

While others are very intricate, like this one on the tree.

I wonder if I should be concerned or happy??? After all they will be eating all the mosquitoes and other nasty bugs. How can I possibly get rid of so many spiders anyway? Do spiders scare you?


Katie said...

That is freaky!

Laurel said...

As long as they do not carry you away...I guess its a good thing. Especially if they keep the mosquito population down.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Cindy! Eek! Run to the store and buy some spider spray and spray it ALL OVER YOUR FOUNDATION. Keep those arachnids out side.

Your photos were way cool. I love garden spiders. When they show up my earwig population goes down and then one day there are no more. Hooray for garden spiders.

Ha ha. Word Verification: dirte

Sariah said...

Ok, that's just creepy. Makes me shiver!

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