Thursday, August 13, 2009

It Is Summer, Isn't It??

This is the view that greeted me outside my home this morning for my early morning walk.

I thought the sun was suppose to shine in August. I understand about the June gloom fog, we've been there done that!! Now, it's August, but the fog has been socked in all week. No sun available to shine on my happy yellow house. Just gray fog. Fog that doesn't let very much light into the house.

I'm a light seeker. I crave light. I want light. I need light. I'm okay with a day or maybe two of fog, but then I need the sun. I guess I will be headed inland sometime today and hopefully find some glorious sunlight.

Do you crave light too??


Cindy said...

The sun came out today and the sky is a beautiful blue!! I guess it helps to vent sometime!!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Yes! Give me sunshine and more sunshine. I think it's because of where we came from. Darkness, gloom, is alien to us.

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