Sunday, August 2, 2009

When the Cats Away...

...the mice will play. Evan has been away this past week at Camp Harmon in the Santa Cruz mountains. You can read a blog about what they have doing here. I'm sure Evan is having a blast!! Anyway, Mike and I decided to go to Catalina Island for a few days of fun, while Evan was away. We both grew up in Southern California, but have never been to Catalina, so that is where we went!! We had a great time!! Even when things didn't go quite as we expected we still had fun. For instance, our hotel room was not quite we were expecting. It was kind of dark and claustrophic. Every time we came back to the room we would say, "Awe, back to cave sweet cave".

The first day there we took a group tour to the interior of Catalina in an old German made jeep. Our driver was funny, the roads bumpy, windy, and dusty. It was a lot of fun!!

Here's the jeep.

The speedometer was stuck at 20 kilometers an hour!!

Not sure what that says, but just wanted to prove to you, it was German!!

We saw the cutest little Catalina red fox. They are nocturnal, so not to active in the day time.

The bison, however were roaming all over the place.

These guys are HUGE!!!

Isn't this a beautiful face??

The last day we para-sailed. It was scary to begin with but a lot of fun. You are all harnessed in, and you just float up in the air. It was beautiful, and peaceful and calm and we did it together!!

I'm all smiles at the end. I probably would have gone up again!!

I learned a lot. For instance, this is the famous Catalina Island Casino. However, no gambling here, casino is an Italian word for gathering place. This building has a huge ballroom and a theater that shows movies nightly.

The ocean water was very blue and beautiful. Someday we will go back.


Laurel said...

It is a beautiful island. I loved going there when we got married. We had a bummer of a hotel too. ours was under construction. One day we came back and all of our things were gone. someone else had asked to be moved to another room. They moved our stuff in stead. It was crazy. We had a good time otherwise. I am glad you had the opportunity to get away. Did you take a boat over or fly?

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

It's about time you blogged.

Beautiful Island. I went there as a kid and haven't been back.

The para-sailing looks very fun. Glad you had a little get away.

Liz said...

That is great that you were able to go have a trip just you and Uncle Mike.

Just so you know, I can read one of the words on the says cold water-- "Kuhlwasser". The rest I can kind of guess at the meaning, but I'm probably wrong.

Olivia Lee Tringham Lyman said...

Looks like fun! Catalina is beautiful. Adam has never been, and I keep hoping for a chance to go. I think the kids would really like it too, especially the boat part! I'm glad you had a fun time together!!

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