Friday, August 7, 2009

Odd Things

On our recent visit to Catalina Island, off the coast of California, we saw some rather interesting or odd sights.

This golf cart rental shop had a bison and an eagle proudly displayed on their roof. I don't think you would normally see a bison on a roof. An unusual thing about Catalina is that there a very few automobiles. Most citizens have golf carts, and tourists can rent them for a mere $40 an hour to tour the quaint but rather eclectic (my new favorite word) town.

This rather patriotic home is proudly displaying two saran wrapped made mannequins.

Note: Their golf cart is nicely covered and protected. Notice the house has no garage.

My oh my, what a lovely necklace.

I'm not sure why this one is crying. Possibly her/his life feels empty??

People never pay attention to signs do they.

This speed limit sign was found on the isthmus (another fun word!!) of Catalina at Two Harbors.

This is the back of the sign. If you head East you must go slower.

This lovely figure was on the side the of the Wrigley monument. Not sure if he is yelling at people below or has an upset stomach.

We saw several statues with pictures painted on bodies of animals. I'm not sure why there would be an airplane on a bison, but oh well.

What are some odd things you have seen recently??


Olivia Lee Tringham Lyman said...

Hehe... you are funny! These things are definitely a little odd and make you go "hmmmn". I think the saran wrap mannequins are the oddest of all!

David said...

Did you see any golf cart size tow trucks? Was it green? Have you ever seen a full size green tow truck?

Cindy said...

No to all three questions. Why do you ask, David?? Did you??

David said...

When Sariah and I were on Catalina, we did see a golf cart sized tow truck. We have a picture somewhere.

On our recent road trips we played vehicle bingo where you have to match the type and color. One square was a green tow truck. We still have not see a green tow truck.

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