Friday, October 1, 2010

Get Into My Car

It is Slice of Life time again!  This week it's about cars!  My first car was a gray '72 Toyota Corolla. 

Maroon was the interior color.  How I loved this little car I affectionately named Mousy!!  I was already in college and studying nursing.  This would be a great help to me to get to the hospitals to do the clinical experience I needed.  

However, there was one very big problem with this car!!  It had a manual transmission and I had no idea how to drive a stick shift.  Ease off the clutch and give it some gas.  That was what I was told.  Easier said then done.  At least that was my experience.  I remember one time on the way to school  I flooded the car, and there I was stalled in the middle of an intersection.  Fortunately there was a cop behind me, who pushed me out of the intersection.  Phew.  After that I knew I needed to learn quickly.  Fortunately with practice it became easy.  I figured if I could learn anyone could!!  

Please share a slice of you life, here.


Texasblu said...

Oh my! How fortunate you were to have him come across you so quickly! I didn't learn stick until I got married. I have to admit, I'd rather drive a stick than manual now! =)

Saw Dust and Splinters said...

Too bad you didn't pass that skill down to any of your daughters

olivia (tringham) lyman said...

That is such a cute car!! I love it! I had to learn to drive stick shift when I got my '69 VW Bug for college. It took practice, but I got it. No matter how good you are though, I think it is still scary when you are stopped at a red light on a hill! I'm enjoying your "slice of life" stories!

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