Friday, October 8, 2010

The Harvest

The Harvest is this week's Slice of Life.  We have had gardens here and there.  The best vegetable garden we had was when we lived in Santa Maria.  We grew, peas, tomatoes, green beans, and yummy beets among other things!!  In our current house veggies don't grow so well because there is too much shade.  I can't say I really have a whole lot of experience with harvest or harvesting fruits and vegetables.  Do you want to know what I have loved growing and nurturing the best??  

We started with this!
  Just the two of us.

  Through the years we added lots of love, understanding, sharing, fun, laughter, worship, prayer and togetherness. One by one we started to grow. Until now from the two of us we have gathered in our harvest twenty wonderful family members and we are still growing.  I can't imagine life without anyone of them.

Isn't this a great crop??

David, Sariah, Spencer, Andrew and Leah

 April, Matteo with Thomas and Corbin

John, Amy and Aiden

Katie and Brad with Kyle

Rachel and Joey, with one of their doggies, Sasha

And last but of course not least, Evan!

I remember when David graduated.  I think I cried every day the week of the graduation.  I knew he would be leaving, going on a mission, and our family would never be the same again. . I was right.  Our family has change A LOT since our oldest grew up and became an adult.  The best thing was that our family grew and grew and is still growing, and it's better and better all the time. We are continually reaping the rewards of our careful sowing. You plant a little love and what a wonderful harvest!!  Amazing!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

That truly is a wonderful harvest!

Saw Dust and Splinters said...

As my father states, "Grandkids are the reward for not killing your kids when you were justified." Love being grafted into your family.

Laurel said...

It has been a bountiful harvest. Good Job Cindy!

hummer said...

Special Harvest. Of course it has something to do with the sower of seeds right. ; )

Texasblu said...

Great share! Love your take on the prompt!! Just yesterday my daughters and I were in the car and my nine yr old asked, "Why do you take Athena everywhere?" I said, "Because in two years she'll be leaving us and going off on her own, so she needs to know how to do things like shopping and stuff." My oldest looked startled and then said, "Oh wow. Two years."

And I didn't say it, but I know like you did, it'll never be the same - so I relish every moment that I can!

Diane's Photography said...

Cindy, I lover your wedding photos, your girls look like you! I love your family so it's a real treat to get to see your blog!

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