Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Trip

We drove down to San Diego to have Thanksgiving with John, Amy and little Aiden.  It was worth the drive!!  We had a great time!  We were surprised we didn't hit much traffic going down Wednesday morning. I think we made it in record time.  Which was great because we had more time to visit.  
Evan is a nephew magnet!  They are very attracted to him!!

Wednesday afternoon we visited the Mormon Battalion Memorial.  I had never been there before.  Actually I had never even been to Old Town San Diego before. 

RoseAnn (Amy's Sister), Amy, Aiden, John, Cindy, Mike and Evan at the Mormon Battalion

The memorial was awesome.  The display and video's were interesting to watch.  I liked how the portraits on the wall came to life.  You could really experience what it was like for these brave faithful men, women and little boy!

Evan at  Old Town San Diego State Historic Park

Ready, Aim, Fire!!

Mike and Cindy...but where are the horses???

A different way to ride.

A beautiful star of David on the Jewish Temple at Old Town

Evan practicing make bricks at the Mormon Battalion
That evening we meet my niece Jessie and her fiance Chad for dinner.  It was great to see her again, it had been 10 years.  Way to long.  She has grown up to be one very amazing woman.  I really admire her a lot!!  I was surprised to learn the company she works for, is the same company that raised money so that Evan and kids like him can get hand cycles.  Cool!!

Jessie and Cindy.  Isn't Jessie beautiful.

Thanksgiving day, we just hung out, played games, went for a nice walk to the park and of course ate a yummy turkey dinner.  Thank you, Amy!!

Aiden had fun with Grandpa!!

Aiden is an extremely happy baby!!

Friday we had a great visit with my brother Doug and his family.  I could kick myself I didn't get out my camera and take pictures.  Especially, since Doug was sporting a new beard.  We had fun catching up on all the exciting news about finding long lost family.

After our visit with Doug we headed to Katie, Brad and Kyle's house.  Saturday was Katie's birthday so we celebrated with her at Grandma and Grandpa Price's house.   Last few times we have visited Grandpa has surprised us, and stayed out and visited with us the whole time.  He used to get tired and go to the back bedroom to watch TV and nap. We always enjoy our visits with them. Our niece Tiffany came over too!!  I admire her a lot too.  She is busy working on a master degree, and needed a relaxing day!

Kyle and Grandma!!  He doesn't cuddle very long any more, too much to explore!!

See what I mean about a nephew magnet!!  It's the wheels!!

Grandma Price eating out of the ice cream carton.
Then sharing with Evan.  He didn't really want to be spoon fed, but how can one resist ice cream, especially if you are a Price??

The beautiful face of Tiffany!! 
Brad getting in a much deserved nap.  (p.s. Brad, Katie took the picture and Evan gave me permission to post this, I'm innocent!!!)

Katie Rose, 29 forever!!

Kyle found a cool little cubby!!  He even bypassed the cat food to get there!!

This is why little boys pants don't last long!! 

We headed home Saturday.  As fun as it is to see family, there is no place like home.  Now we are getting ready for a wonderful Christmas with all of our children home!!


Amy P. said...

I love the pictures but the music makes it so you can't here the videos. Is there a way to turn it off (though the music is also very good).

Cindy said...

You can pause the music by going to the very bottom of the page. But, I deleted it, for a while anyway.

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