Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ice, Ice, Baby

Poor me!  I am a spoiled California girl!  Having spent most of my life here in sunny California I really haven't had much experience with ice.  However, the first year of our marriage we lived in Idaho!  It gets cold there in the winter, really, really cold!!  St. Anthony's Community Hospital was about seven blocks down the street from our cozy first home.  I was working as a nurse, graveyard shift.  When winter came I was mesmerized by the beauty of it all.  However, I had to learn how to drive in the snow and freezing cold weather.  One of the things to watch out for was black ice.  The ice isn't really black, rather it's transparent, so you can't see it on the road.  Even though my job was just down the street, because I went to work at 11pm, I drove back and forth.

I remember driving home, early one freezing morning on a quiet residential street when I encounter some black ice.  I tried to slow down and did a 360 degree turn in the middle of the street!!  Whee!!  I remember just sitting there, adrenaline pumping, heart racing, and grateful I was just on a wide quiet street and that I didn't hit anything or anyone.  Then I looked around to see if anyone saw me do such a crazy driving stunt.  I didn't see anyone and since I was headed the right direction, I drove the few blocks home.  Phew!!  How good to be home!!  I am grateful I don't have to deal with black ice where I live.  It's scary stuff.

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dnafamily said...

I have had those type of experiences being raised in Utah, and having lived in Minnesota and Washington. I miss Sunny California and Phoenix from when I lived in those areas going to school and a mission. But my husband loves the snow and so we will probably never live in Southern California. Enjoy your sun shine for us and thanks for sharing your story.


E. said...

Yikes! Sliding on black ice is very scary. I've done it a time or two as well though not as badly as you described your incident!


Lange Family said...

Hello Sister Price!

I found your blog off of Olivia's and am loving it! I agree, black ice is no fun glad it doesn't show up in our neck of the woods;)

Julie Lange

Texasblu said...

Ahhhh yes. The fun of living in Idaho... I used to live in St. Anthony too. We lived in the 100 yr old bordello across the street from the court house - it's vacant now.

Nice not having to worry about such things, eh? :)

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