Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kitchen Disasters

Well, well, we have had our share of kitchen disasters!  Some have been my fault, others not!  Alright, I'll be honest, most kitchen disasters are my fault. I'm really bad at turning fried eggs, and I have burned my share of food, and cooked bricks instead of bread and made scrambled pancakes!!  Oh, and I almost burned the kitchen floor!!  But, I'll save that story for another day.  Today, I want to share a kitchen disaster that wasn't my fault and it happened at Holiday time.

Isn't this a sweet doggy??  This is Lucky. Affectionately, known as Lucky Dog because we adopted her from the Humane Society! 

Lucky we miss you, may you rest in peace!

 This is our family gathered outside for a picture after a yummy Thanksgiving dinner. 

 Thanksgiving 2001 Back row:  Steve, Seth, Grandma and Grandpa, Bob, Ben, Lindsey, Liz, Laurel, Richard, Sarah, Ethan, Spencer, David, Sariah.  Front row: Nate, Merry, Evan, Caitlyn, Rachel, Katie, April, Cindy and Mike.
So, I bet you are wondering what this has to do with a kitchen disaster.  Well, what happened was after our yummy Thanksgiving dinner one year, and before kitchen clean up we decided to get a family photo before everyone went every which way!!   So, out to the front yard we went for the photo shoot.  When we came back into the house, we heard noises in the kitchen.  And what did we find, you may ask.  Well, Lo and Behold, Lucky Dog had gotten into the turkey carcass that was still sitting on the counter!!  What a feast she had!! And a disaster for us because we had no left over turkey for yummy sandwiches and turkey soup!!  

Moral of the story:  Always, always clean up first!! 

This was written or Slice of Life.  Please join us here.


Sue said...

Ha Ha! At Thanksgiving one year I put eggshells down the sink and it clogged, so Jim put industrial strength "Liquid Plumber" down the sink. Toxic fumes were emitted and, to make a long story short..we all(Jesse was less than 2 mo. old) had to go outside and the fire dept. came and remedied the situation:)

Texasblu said...

LOL!!! That sounds like the scene in A Christmas Story! That's a great memory you're family is going to laugh over for a looooong time! :D That's awesome!

Laurel said...

Oh my Cindy...I do not remember the dog getting into the Turkey carcass. I remember going outside to take the picture. Did we leave after the picture? Oh my what a mess that must have been.

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