Friday, December 17, 2010


Giving is the most exciting part of Christmas!  For some strange reason this year I felt it important that family have something that I made.  So, I have been sewing up a storm.  Phew!  While it was fun for me to sew, I'm glad to be done and hope everyone is happy with their gifts.  For me, it was much better being home sewing, then out fighting the crowds of people at the stores.

I'm not too fond of last minute Christmas shopping.  One year I remember we were really down to the wire.  It was Christmas Eve and I didn't have a gift yet for Katie Rose.  I think she was about six or seven years old.  Mike and I were at Sav-On Drugs of all places and we spied what we thought was the perfect gift.  A giant Teddy Bear!!  We were so happy and were pretty sure she would be thrilled!!  

 Here is the tree, with the giant Teddy Bear all wrapped up in the silver package.

Katie loved that bear!! She named him "Joey".  I'm not to sure why.   Poor Joey has really been through the ringer!!  When Katie's brothers wanted to tease her they would do things to poor Joey.  They would kidnap him and one time they even hung Joey from a plant hook, by a ribbon around it's neck and out of reach of poor Katie who devastated to see her poor bear being hung to death. 

Joey has been much loved and mended and restuffed many times. 

 I do believe Joey was the perfect gift.  Here's proof...Joey survived all that.  And Katie still has that giant teddy bear today! 

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