Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some Things Never Change

One of the joys in life for me has been to watch those I love interacting with each other.  I remember when David was a baby, I would just sit in awe and watch as these two people I loved with all my heart would play together and love each other.  

Mike and David, circa early 1977
It could be something simple, like wrestling with a magazine.  

Mike and David circa late 1977
Or the recliner becoming a cool place to play peek-a-boo!!  

Mike, David and April;  May 1978

Or just sitting together.  Don't they look happy!! 

Now it's fun to see this continue on with our grandchildren. 

Grandpa and Leah
 Playing "race cars"

 Hiding with Grandpa in the Closet

 Playing the ball is a heavy weight.

All our grandchildren and their parents are coming for Christmas. It will be a joyful time. 
Be prepared for more pictures.

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hummer said...

I love it. Keep the memories coming!

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