Sunday, January 16, 2011


My family growing up had very unusual pets. We had a sweet little dutch rabbit named Hoppy. 

Here is my brother Doug with Hoppy.
  Hoppy stay in the house and used a liter box, but always enjoyed a romp outside!  She was so soft and cuddly.  

We also had ducks.  First was a little domestic duckling named Yankee Doodle, I believe she was an Easter present.  She turned into a beautiful white duck who quacked and quacked.  Thus, the name Yankee Doodle I guess.  Then we were adopted by a mallard, who came out of nowhere.  We named that duck Uncle Sam.  So, we had Sammy and Yankee.  I have to say that ducks are very messy and probably not good pets.  But, we did enjoy them! 

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Texasblu said...

LOL - my sister had GEESE. They were horrible pets!! We had ducks too but at least they would leave little legs alone! :)

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