Friday, February 11, 2011

In Her Own Words

Last month we were cleaning out the garage to put away Christmas boxes. We pulled down a box that had some old family treasures. I found a manila envelope with my name on it in my mothers handwriting. I eagerly opened it up and found several pages of stories about her life. I had totally forgotten I even had these. She started writing this the summer that Evan was born and it is written for her grandchildren and their children. I wish I had remember so I could have helped her complete the stories. However, I'm grateful for what I have and decided to share some of her stories here.

Here are the first two pages.

I have transcribed the story below.

"It’s the summer of ’87 as I try to get this down on paper so my Grandchildren might someday like to read and know the vast difference in their and my childhood - and - or - growing up years are or were.  And when you – Dear children have all grown up and have Grandchildren that time will be just as different – and so it goes – on and on –

I think I must have grown up in the most of fun times and places – there seemed to always something to do.

The very first memory I have goes back to when I was about three years old. It’s a very special one and it still very clear in my mind.  We lived in Brantford Can.  on Buffalo St.  With my Mother, Father and my Sister – that was all of us – except when my Uncle John came and stayed with us –which he did often – and stayed for long periods at a time – we all loved him very much- he was a lot of fun- Well this one day.  I was sitting on the corner of the sidewalk on the curb (we could do that then very few cars and they went by very slow. There were mostly horse and buckies [sic] yet.  Well our dog Jack was sitting right along side of me-  The big house across the street had a large wreath on the front door – because a young girl who lived there had died. I never knew her name or ever spoke to her. She was a lot older than me and my sister- but she was very pretty with long blond hair. Well while Jack and I sat there this huge car (the hearse) came up and some people took this large long box from the back and brought it into the house. It got very quiet and still. I remember it was a very hot day must have been the middle of summer. I kept starring at the house and all of a sudden I saw this golden (look shiny just like gold) ladder standing on the grass in front of the house.  I then saw what looked to me like an angel.  Climbing the ladder. I felt it was the young girl her hair must have caught the sun, but lit as halo. She seem to glide up or float and like the tall ladder disappeared into air – I don’t remember clouds-  That vision is clear in my mind and I can close my eye and see it all again and again. "

In the Old Testament there is a story called Jacob's ladder.  Jacob falls asleep and dreams about angels ascending and descending a ladder.  Mom's story reminds me of that scripture.  You can find it in Genesis chapter 28 starting in verse ten. 

Next week I will share another of my Mom's stories. 

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Price Family said...

Wow, Mom sooo COOL!!! What a neat treasure to find. I can't wait to see them in person. :)

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