Sunday, August 7, 2011

Faces really don't get any cuter than these two little ones, Thomas and Corbin do they? I love their big innocent brown eyes!

After a few days in the Redwoods, Mike and I spent some time with April and her family. 

We sure love her two little boys and enjoyed spending time with them.  We went to the park.  Can you believe little Corbin? He feel asleep on the way to the park and continued to sleep with all the noise around?  We played bocce ball, and went for walks.  We also went shopping and just hung out.  We realized a couple of things about Thomas.  He does NOT like to play Grandpa's game of wild footsies.  Mikes chases the little ones and tickles their feet.  Thomas would say "NO", if Mike pointed to his wild footsies. Then Thomas would point to his brother Corbin to let Grandpa know he had the wild footsies to chase.  Too funny!!

Early one morning Mike and I went for a walk around the Sacramento temple grounds.  We found these invaders within the temple gates.  Look at those antlers.  Those guys were hungry!!

Our July was busy and fun.  We enjoyed seeing family that we miss so much.  As they say "there is no place like home" and we were happy to come back to our home and the cool air of the Central Coast.


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

OH, Cindy, they are beautiful! And the deer, how amazing. They know a good place to be, don't they? I'll bet they feel the spirit there.

olivia (tringham) lyman said...

Tommy and Corbin are super cute. What fun! I can't believe you saw deer inside the temple grounds! Ha! They are beautiful. It was great seeing Katie on Sunday! Her baby is sooo adorable!

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