Monday, August 8, 2011


MOM!!  Evan yelled as we were getting ready for church yesterday.  I calmly headed to his room and told him "my, it sounds urgent"!  He was on his bed putting on his pants (that is how you get dressed when your legs don't work).  Almost panicky he says, "a spider just crawled into my pant leg!!  Luckily, he hadn't put them on yet.  Oh, I guess I should tell you that Evan is extremely afraid of spiders!!  Well, anyway, I took the pants, turned the pant legs inside out and a cute little brown spider crawls out unto the bed.  I grabbed a tissue smushed the spider and flushed it down the toilet.  Now, I have to say that usually I just grab a spider catcher, and let it go outside.  Spiders don't really bug me (ha ha, pun intended) and I like the way they eat the nasty mosquitoes!  But, the spider catcher wasn't nearby and I didn't want Evan freaking out to bad.  When all was said and done I ask Evan, "Well, what kind of mom am I".  Thinking in my head he would say awesome or wonderful or something like that.  "Heroic!" he exclaims!!  So, there you go, if you squash an itsy bitsy spider that is so much smaller than you are and save the day you can be heroic too!! 

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