Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Musical Playground

One afternoon while in Moab we discovered a wonderful park.  

At first it seemed like just any ordinary park.  However, in a distant corner there was magic just waiting to happen!! 

Musical magic!!  We had found a musical park, filled with wonderful instruments!!

There were xylophones of all shapes and sizes.  

 And there were drums....

and gongs....

All just waiting for children of all ages and sizes to create melodies and harmonies galore! 

Andrew took to playing the drums very seriously!!  If you listen in the background that is Spencer playing "Ode to Joy" on one of the xylophones. 

Evan loved playing the bells. 

These bells spun and sounded just like wind chimes.  So beautiful! 

And the gongs added to the other music in the background!

I can't tell you much I loved this park.  It inspired me so much!! The kids have a blast running here and there trying out the different musical instruments.  I really want something like this in my community.  So, I have been talking to some people and have some ideas.  We will see what happens.  You can see more about these wonderful instruments here at by clicking on Freenotes

Oh, and to end our musical adventure, Evan got stuck in the sand in his power wheelchair.   (I would have made the park more accessible, some of the instruments sat in the sand)  Anyway, we had to get him into his manual wheelchair to push his power chair out of the sand.  Not sure how it all happened, but then  David decided he could race Evan.  Here is how that went down!!

 Go Evan!!!

Disclaimer:  I apologize for the quality of the pictures and video, there was a smudge on my lens and I couldn't really tell because the sun was so bright.

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