Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Learning From Little Ones

 Earlier in the month Kyle and his baby brother Joshua and their parents came to visit us. Little ones don't get much cuter than this!! 

 Kyle is obsessed with stickers.  Can you see them on his shirt??  That is Kyle's favorite place to stick stickers!!   I liked the idea too!!  Much better than my curio cabinet!!  

 And this little one is just full of chubby cuteness!! 

 Kyle also loves to play chase. I almost caught him here!!  

When Kyle woke up, both mornings he was here, I was the only one up.  The house was still quiet and he let me cuddle him.  Oh, it feels so good to cuddle a little one!!  It was only for a minute or two at the most, but I loved it.  This first evening they were here, Katie and Brad went out for dinner to celebrate their anniversary.  About a half hour after they left Kyle started wondering around the house whimpering and crying.  I know he was looking for his mommy, but couldn't find her.  So, sad.  The next morning after our little cuddle,  he went down the hall and peeked into the bedroom.  Yep, mommy and daddy were still there, so he quietly closed the door and was happy as can be.  

What did I learn?  Well, we are here on Earth, away from our Heavenly Father. Somehow ,just knowing He is there can help us to have peace and comfort in this life.  Just like when we are little knowing Mommy and Daddy are nearby gives us comfort. 

 And this little one, well my oh my!!  He does babble so sweetly doesn't he?? He is adorable!  However, if he is away from his mommy and his tummy is grumbling. WATCH OUT!!  Joshua does NOT like to take a bottle.  I knew he was hungry, he cried and cried and cried and I tried and tried and tried to feed him a bottle. But to no avail. I know what he needed, but he had to take it himself.  I had no way help him.  Grandpa walked around with him and talked to him, and he took little cat naps, but he was NOT a happy camper, he was hungry!!  

Our Heavenly Father provides spiritual nourishment for us, through the Spirit, the scriptures and the words of Latter-Day Prophets.  But, we have to partake of these things.  He can not force them on us.  If we fill ourselves we are happy!!

Thank you, my little ones for teaching me. Came back often I miss you!!   

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regular grandma said...

Loved your post. We share such cute grandkids.

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