Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting Closer

Four years ago I wrote the following post, click here,  regarding my great grandmother Mary Finnicane/Finnochan/Finnegan Crowley.  I may be getting closer to finding her.
I found a record I believe may be her death record but there is just one little piece of information missing from the document that would identify her 100% as the correct person.  And, that is her husband's name, Jeremiah Crowley.   Here is the record.  Mary Crowley is line 24.

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Believe it or not Mary Crowley is a fairly common name in this part of the country at that particular time.  The reason I think this record may be a match is that I know that Mary was living in Chelmsford on the 1880 census and she had a child born in 1882 in Chelmsford.  The age of forty doesn't exactly match because she is listed as age 40 on the 1880 census.  Her father's surname is almost a match ( I have seen her surname spelled with several variations), but I have never seen another document with her parents name listed before.  The record also says that she was married.  Why, oh why, then does it NOT list a spouse's name???  The 1900 census lists Jeremiah as a widower.  So, I know his wife died before then.  The surprise in this document is that her cause of death was abortion!!  Was that a spontaneous abortion as in a miscarriage or did she try to abort a pregnancy later in her life??  I have searched for a obituary for this death record and found none and I have contacted cemeteries to find a burial record to no avail.  Many family members are buried in St. Patrick's cemetery in Lowell, but she is NOT there.  Can a woman who had an abortion be buried in a Catholic cemetery anyway?? Does anyone else have any other ideas on where to search?  Would this be enough evidence for you??  Any helped would be appreciated. 

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Aprilyn said...

I have no idea what to tell you. We recently found a public family tree on that has a lot of information on a branch of Brian's family. We're still stuck on the Bucklein family, as they go back to Germany with his great-grandfather. It's tough to find the records, and when we do find them, they are in Latin, and we can't read them!!

Hopefully you can determine if that is really your ancestor.

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