Monday, January 16, 2012

Today we went to the zoo.  It's just a small little zoo not far away.  We enjoyed seeing all the animals.  Here are some pictures of my favorite exhibits today.  

These birds were in the walk-in aviary. 

I love the long legs on this little bird. 

And the colors on this one are so pretty. 

This is a Red River Hog.  He had really long ears that he flapped back and forth.  We didn't figure out if he was from the Red River or if he was a red hog at the river.

This is the face of an emu, it a face only a mother could love! 

The birds were the most colorful of all the animals at the zoo.

This frog looks like a a blob of slime!

I love, love the tigers.  Such a majestic animal!!

These were the scariest animals at the zoo!  Ha ha!!

And just for your information, the alpacas were mating so I gave them their privacy and did NOT take a picture.  I know TMI!!

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