Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Spencer,

Happy Twelfth birthday!!  Wow, I can't believe you are twelve already!  I remember the day you were born.  You were not in a hurry to come, I was at the hospital the whole night!! But it was worth it to be able to see you just after your birth early in the morning.   I was able to watch as your Dad gave you your very first bath.  My first born lovingly tending to his first born, my first grandchild!  What a tender moment for me.  

Then a few short hours later my heart was so sad to hear that you would need surgery and were being airlifted that very night to UCLA three hours away.   I know that was a rough first six months which you probably don't remember.  You were fortunate to have wonderful parents who handled the situation wonderfully.  The year 2000 was a challenging one for our family, but your birth was one of the few highlights.  It was so fun to see you grow and thrive.  I was happy you lived close so we could visit often and our home was again filled with baby noises!!  

You amazed me at three years old.  I would watch as you typed lists of words in alphabetical order on our computer.  My grandson was a genius!!! Oh, and you would play simple little tunes on the piano. That was amazing too!!

One of my other tender memories is helping you in Primary.  I bet you don't remember because you were only a "Sunbeam". I was asked to sign for you. I loved helping you learn the Primary songs in sign language. 

Now, here you are a young man.  Growing up so fast.  A twelfth birthday is so special for young men in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  In a few short days you will be ordained  a Deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood.  You will be able to help your ward by passing the sacrament and acting in His Holy name.  I know you will do an awesome job!! 

Here are some things that I love about you, Spencer. You have such a sweet and tender heart towards babies. You are an awesome big brother and older cousin to lots of little boy cousins!!  You are very seriously musically talented.  I loved hearing and watching you play your cello!!  I hope you continue with your music. I also love how you are so into your family history.  I love when you ask me questions about the family.  Even though I don't usually know the answer!!   I also love you just being silly.  It's fun to laugh together.

My wish for you in the future is that you stay close to the Gospel and the standards of Church.  If you do I know you will happy in whatever you do in the future!!  You have such good parents who love you very much and have worked hard so you could have the best life possible.  Always love and honor them and you will happy.  

Thank you for making me a grandparent.  I love being a Grandma!  I love being YOUR grandma.  You are special to me!!  I hope you have a wonderful day!  I am excited to see you in a few days!!

Here are just some of the pictures that I love of you!! 

Here you are just a few hours old!

You were the only great grandchild that Grandma Virginia was able to hold!!

Awe!!  What an adorable baby!!

Ha ha, it's a Spencer in a box!!

This is you on your first birthday, We had a party at the park. The little girl is Evelyn.

Do you remember going to see Thomas the Tank engine? That was a fun day!!

Oh, look it's Spencer Harry Potter.

You are so lucky to have a fun Daddy!!

Look at that face. I'm glad you love to eat!!

I love your hair in the picture.

You always have fun with Grandpa!!

You are an awesome "Cougar" fan! 

Just look how much your mom loves you!!

I just love your smile!!

For some reason, I just love this picture!!  I can NOT put my head on my lap! 

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