Friday, May 4, 2012

Our Incredible Cross-Country Escapade

We have just returned from an Incredible Cross-Country Escapade.  We drove 9,000 plus miles in five weeks from coast to coast.  We meet some family for the first time and saw the beautiful sights in our great country.  As always, it is great to be back home.  (Click on above hyperlink to read more about our travels.) 

While on our travels we made some random observations.

  • Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser is great to clean windshields!!  We discovered this when something weird got on the windshield and normal window cleaner did not touch it, and a car wash didn't help either.  
  •  Having an extra pair of prescriptions glasses would be a good thing in case you accidentally drop your glasses when try to clean a dirty windshield and then step on them because you can't see them!!
  • Drivers in North Dakota must not travel far.  It took us four weeks to find a North Dakota license plate and we found it in South Dakota!  Mind you, we found Hawaii and Alaska in the first few days!!
  • Electronic car keys do NOT work after going through the laundry.
  •  There are no "Q's" or "O's" in license plates.  
  • Drivers in Oklahoma know how to merge well when a lane is closed.  It helps that they have a law, when you see the sign to merge, you merge!  None of this waiting to merge until the very end creating a traffic jam.  
  • The bridges in Massachusetts need to be painted.  Many were old and rusty with lots of graffiti. 
  • Toll roads stink. (I'm just a spoiled small town California girl)
  • South Dakota highways are littered with bill boards!  
  • Eastern city streets are curvy and crocked and Western city streets are straight. 
  • My favorite: Evan's observation when playing the alphabet game.  "Where is a zebra crossing sign when you need one?"

What observations have you made while traveling?  


regular grandma said...

Wow! I just went through your trip. What an amazing experience, and such beautiful pictures.

Rachel said...

All the North Dakota people come to Arizona during the winter. I see tons of North Dakota license plates here during those months.

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