Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Calm Between the Storms

We have had a really, really, wet winter.  We need the rain desperately!  So, it's a good thing.   Yesterday's storm brought wind and a lot of rain!  There are a lot of downed trees and some homes are still without power.  Today we ventured out to see what things looked liked in a break between the storms. 

There was tons of debris on the beach.  This is the area where the Pismo Creek and Meadow Creek have converged.  The beach is ever changing.  I think there is a lesson there for our lives which seem to be changing all the time too! 

This is what clever people do with drift wood!  Pretty cool little hut!  

This large piece of drift wood just wants to stay stuck in the sand!! 


It is interesting to see how Meadow Creek had curved around the sand dunes.  

This egret seemed to be enjoying all the water! 

In case you couldn't tell this is area is a hazard. 

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