Monday, February 20, 2017


Have you ever been in situation where you received news that was devastating?  We have.  Twenty-nine years ago we were told our unborn baby would be born with a serious birth defect. It is amazing how fresh those memories are in my mind.  I was laying on the bed during the ultrasound, when the room got really quiet and the doctor's face just said it all without any words.  We were shocked. How could this be!  We felt alone and scared and just cried!  

My how time heals.  We have this amazing young man in our lives.  Not to say life is not without challenges, but certainly the good out weights the bad.  We are grateful for those who were put in our path to help us gain knowledge and ease the burdens.  So, of course we are happy to give back.

That is why when our daughter Rachel shared the following flyer with us, we jumped at the chance to give back and share our story.  

I contacted Orange Socks and when we were in Utah we were interviewed.  We want people to know that all lives are precious even little ones who will be born with birth defects.  They should NEVER be discarded, but rather loved and embraced.  There is much to learn from them! 
 We pray our story gives hope to others that find themselves in the same situation.  

You can listen to our story below by clicking the play button in the top left corner of the collage.  Please feel free to share our story with others who may need it.  Or, please consider sharing your own story.  Click here to go to the Orange Socks webpage to learn more about their mission and to listen to other stories. Thank you. 

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