Friday, March 17, 2017

Architecture Graveyard

Today we went on a most unusual hike to Cal Poly Canyon.  It was so beautiful with vivid green hills and water softly trickling down the creek.  We have lived in this area literally for decades and heard of this hike but never taken opportunity to go before this morning.  After hiking about a mile you come go through a large stone arch.  This is the beginning of the Architecture Graveyard.  They are just old student built projects.

There are some very unique structures among the beautiful green hills.  

The bridge was built the year of our marriage 1973.  It's not even an antique yet!!

The structure was call The Flower.  Can you see it blossoming?

This lovely recliner offered superior firm back support!

This just yells out "CLIMB ME!"  We were obedient!  I thought the amphitheater inside was unusual.

I thought this was a bridge at first but it the bow of a water vessel!

Where is the water?

This Modular House said this was a private residence!  I really don't think the rodents minded us exploring just a little.

The opposite side of the house was very colorful!  I am not sure if that was original or not!!

The Shell House was interesting.  We are not sure when this was built.

Straight ahead was kitchen!

This was the remanent of some project.

This sculpture looks like it could take off.

This yucca plants are just quietly standing tall over everything.

This was another interesting home.  The dome on the right of the top picture and left of the bottom was an outhouse type building, that included a shower.

It was hard to photograph the inside of the fancy outhouse.   I especially like the little chimney-like things coming out of the roof! It made it seem whimsical. Like maybe little gnomes would live here!

This is the view is you were sitting on the patio.

The pictures do not do the beauty of our green hills justice!

I love how the thistle is growing in the streams.  There is the ship in the back ground.

Walking back down the canyon we stopped to listen to the creek flowing and the birds singing.  It was a lovely morning.

One more unusual thing, a folding card on the creek bottom.  We could not even figure out how to get down there!!

I want to come out here and explore again, soon!

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