Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Survived!!

I'm not sure what was worse the ear plugs or the loud music!! But, at least I did manage to survive the Weird Al concert!! I have to admit, he did make me laugh and I was caught tapping my feet a few times. The guy is a great entertainer and definitely the king of parody and costume change!! The concert was well over two hours long without intermission!! In between songs he would have these videos of Weird Al TV interviews that were just a crack up!!

When we got to our seats there was NOT room for a wheelchair, even though I had told the lady on the phone we had one wheelchair user in our group. The "House Manager" was great and she moved us closer!! So, we got even better seats!! The two seats in front of Evan were empty so he had a great view!! Of course Evan totally loved the show. His favorite song of course was "The Saga Begins" a fun Star Wars parody of American Pie!! May the Force be with you!!

1 comment:

Aprilyn said...

I'm glad Evan had a good time. I can imagine him cracking up!! May the force be with you Evan!

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