Friday, December 28, 2007

Sights and Sounds of Christmas

Here are some of the sights and sounds we experienced this Christmas Season.

Little baby Leah was the most precious present under the tree this year!!

She touched her Grandma's heart with a smile!!

Enjoying "Papa's" stories at a young age. Or, maybe Leah is trying to figure out who is that guy with the weird hat and tie!!!

Spencer loves pumpkin pie and sang this song to prove it!!

Spencer and Andrew showing off their Christmas Eve PJ's.

We woke up Christmas morning to newly fallen snow and the moon still shining in the sky!!

Sariah, Leah, David, Andrew and Spencer, all bright eyed, Christmas morning!!

I know this video is sideways, I saved it right up and tried numerous times to download it right side up but it would not do it. David was trying to get all the presents from under the tree. I call this video, Attack of the Christmas Tree or Spencer and Andrew to the Rescue!! It's funny so just turn your head briefly!!

Here's a few of the presents rescued from under the tree!!

Just what Evan needs...another piece of Star War memorabilia!!

Getting ready to play in the snow!!

Mike is such a good sport!! Evan and Spencer had a great time pelting him with snowballs!!

Some of the campus wildlife!!

Snow tracks!

Out for a chilly walk!

The beautiful snow covered mountains!! This is much prettier than our brown hills.

Picnic Anyone??

Manger scene on Temple Square

Amy, John, David, Mike and I with Evan met up with one of our missionaries, Peter Barth, his wife Heather and family. More about this on a future post!! We had a great evening of dinner and a visit to Temple square!!


Katie said...

I wish I could have been there with all of you. On the other hand I would have frozen to death. I loved Spencer's pumpkin pie song!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Christmas season and what a beautiful baby. Congratulations to the proud Mom and Dad and grandparents.

Susan, Susie, Suz said...

Is it possible to covet your experiences in Utah? I want them! Better yet, I want to be with my loved ones also in Utah Valley. I am so easily satisfied with your beautiful snow pictures. I can't get enough of them! You are very blessed.

Sarah Gomberg said...

David is reminding me more of a young Uncle Mike. Everyone looks great. We can't wait to see David and his family in a couple of weeks.

I loved Evans snow ball maker!

The snow looks like fun!

Aprilyn said...

It looks like you had a great time. I just wish I had been able to arrange meeting up with you guys while you were out here. We had a crazy Christmas season with me hobbling around on a fractured ankle and Brian being sicker than he's been in a REALLY long time. That grandbaby of yours is ADORABLE!! She looks a bit like you I think. Maybe it's her smile.

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