Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

I have never had so much fun with Valentines Day!! Or the days proceeding it. As I mention on this post, I did a "14 Days of Valentines" for my husband. We started out kind of shaking because he didn't notice the first clue. It was a card I set up in front of the computer. It had hearts in blocks that said, "I love you". It was bright and colorful, but NOT in an envelope with his name on it. So, he just moved it aside and didn't even bother to open it and read it. I think it is a guy thing!! Girls are much more curious, nothing gets by me. I read everything.

Anyway, I rambled. Everyday he got a little surprise. Anything from a banana in his lunch with "I'm bananas over you" written with marker on it, to heart soap that said, "Be Mine", to fun little candies. He even got a little toy boat that said, "your my dream boat". I know, I know it's corny. But he really enjoyed it!! I used to leave him little notes in his lunchbox those first years we were married. But the kids came and we got busy and somehow those little surprises went the way side. So, it was fun to do that again. I hope I remember to give him more little surprises, this coming year, just for no reason whatsoever!!

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