Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fifty Two Blessing Project - Week Eleven

Modern Conveniences

As a little girl I loved to read the Little House on the Prairie books. How fun it would be, I thought, to live in that time period!! Now that I'm older and have had the responsibility of
running a household, I can't imagine living without all the wonderful things we have now.

We don't have to burn candles or oil lamps. Recently we spent six hours without any electricity. Now, that's a blessing that I take for granted. We live in an all electric home so it was a little bit of a challenge. But it was okay for a few hours. I can't imagine not ever having electricity at all.

How about bringing in the water from the creek or a pump?? Can you imagine NOT having running water? What a blessing to have water at our finger tips. And it's clean too, we don't have to purify it or boil it.

How about cooking everyday over a fire, or taking your clothes to the river to wash and scrub with a scrub board. I have so many wonderful appliances that make life so much easier. My refrigerator keeps my food cold and safe from spoiling. My washer and dryer makes it so easy for me to keep my family's clothes clean. And I can cook yummy food with my oven and microwave.

I'm grateful for these wonderful conveniences. Now the trick is to use the time wisely that I they save me.


Aprilyn said...

Good one Cindy! I remember when we got our first microwave! It was a HUGE deal. Or, when we got our first television. I was sooo spoiled!

SuperCoolMom said...

I always wanted to live in the little sod house on the banks of plum creek. But I agree, it would be nicer to have ceilings, floors, electricity, and water coming out of the tap. (and I often think about that year's supply the train men left for them, that year By the Shores of Silver Lake - wouldn't that be great).

carrie & troy keiser said...

Amen! Love a modern house with it's technology! Such a great blessing!

Catherine said...

I feel you're a great nostalgic! as I am. (We loved the beautiful minds in the Little House of the Prairie). Nowadays, no way to live without comfort! What would we prove refusing modernity?
But that's true, the Ingalls knew the value of work ;)
Bonne journée, Cindy.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Sometimes I open the washer and just stand there, watching it wash the clothes. Phil caught me one day and said, "What are you doing?" He didn't understand that it was so nice to just watch the clothes wash themselves.

He threw my hand mixer away today. It shocked me yesterday--it's only 42 years old but I hate to see it go.

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