Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Two Tags in One

I took upon myself the challenge of Catherine's tag from the "The Five of Us". So here it is.

What I was doing ten years ago?

Okay, let's see that would be 1998. I was being a Mom, like always!!

Five things on my to do list today.

Help out at the Christian's Women's Food Ministry by sorting food. A fun job I have missed for the past two weeks!!
Read my scriptures and write in my journal.
Make about a gazillion phone calls, ok, well not a gazillion but several.
Send my mom some flowers for Mother's Day.
Get ready for the Young Women Youth Camp Leader retreat on Friday night. (just in case you were wondering, I'm no longer considered a youth, but they let me go anyway as a 2nd year level leader, kind of like a counselor.)
Go for a walk to get some exercise.

Things I would do if I was a billionnaire.

Well, I need to say, I actually have no desire to be a millionaire or billionaire for that matter. But given that's the question here is what I would do.
First and foremost pay my tithing.
Donate money to some of my favorite Charities, which include but are not limited too:
1. The Make a Wish Foundation
This is my all time most favorite charity of all!! I love Make a Wish Foundation!!
2. Ronald McDonald House
Our wonderful home away from home when Evan is in the hospital!!
3. Boy Scouts of America
This group helps to build strong young men!!
4. The Perpetual Education Fund
This program helps to provide an education for LDS return missionaries in developing countries so they can rise above poverty.

Buy a big house, and maybe help my kids to buy houses.
I would also help to pay off my children's student loans and get education for those who wanted it.

Three of my bad habits/qualities :

I like to bite my nails, but I'm much better than I used to be.
I am a procrastinator
I'm disorganized

5 places I lived.

Rochester, New York
Laconia, New Hampshire
Englewood, California
Pocatello, Idaho
Rio Dell, California

Five jobs I 've had!!!!

Baby sitter
Nurses Aid
Licensed Vocational Nurse
School Playground Attendant
Instructional Assistant for Special Education Students

5 books I've read (recently)

I'm consistently reading my scriptures, The Holy Bible and Book of Mormon
Wednesday Letters
The Holy Temple
The History of Joseph Smith by his Mother
21 Days Closer to Christ

Now, on too Aprilyn's tag. It's the book tag, which I did a few weeks ago, but I'm such a good sport, I'm willing to do it again. Here are the directions.

1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages)

2. Turn to page 123

3. Find the 5th sentence

4. Post the 5th sentence on your blog

5. Tag 5 people

Ok, well, I had to cheat a little because the closest book was "Italian Genealogical Records" by Trafford R. Cole, a very wonderful resource I might add. Page 123 has copies of Parish records in Italian, there is no punctuation so I don't know which is the fifth sentence, but here is what is says on that complete page.

Mile settecentotrentasette adi quatro Marzo Cattarina Milana moglie di Specio Betiano d'anni trenta sette in circa munita de SS.mi sagramenti Penitenza, ed estrema uncione passo da questa a miglior vita, fu spepolta in questa notrsa pa.ceh di S. Ambrogio di lonate pozzolo.

1656 die p.a otobris
Caterina Tapella d'eta di quaranta anni succeptis eccl.a sa.mis morta adi 30 setembre il p.o d'ottobre fu sepolta mella porochiale.

Just for your information the spell check just had a heart attack!!

Would you like the English translation? I'm so glad you said yes.

Seventeen hundred and thirty-seven, on the fourth of March, Cattarina Milana, wife of Francesco Specio Betiano, age thirty-seven approximately, supplied with the Holy Sacraments of Repentance and Extreme Unction, passed from this to a better life and was buried in our parish of San Ambrogio of Lonate Pozzolo.

1656 First of October
Caterina Tapella, age forty, supplied with the ecclesiastic sacraments, died on 30 september and on the first of October was buried in the parish cemetery.

Let's see who should I tag. How about Laurel, Liz, David, Rachel, SuperCool Mom and anyone else who would like to give it a try. Just pick the one you want to do! And if you don't want to do it, don't!! I'll still love ya!!


SuperCoolMom said...

Of course I'll play! I'll post it on my public blog, hotmamashouse dot blogspot dot com :)

Laurel said...

Okay...I will play too! I will post it on my blog.

Catherine said...

Thanks Cindy to do it. So you doom to be a mother forever! Just like me. What a sweet sentence, no? I'm waiting to be a grand-mother in a few years too.
We 'll do the same as billionaire, in helping our children, to make their life more easy to begin. I give to medical research too, and I think I will give more at R. Mac Donald House. You're right, never separate a child from his parents in this circumstance

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