Thursday, July 24, 2008

Can You Find the Bird?

Most of you know I enjoy birds. I had heard that there were great blue herons with babies in this tree by the golf course by the beach. So we went to investigate.

We found some of the biggest bird nests I have ever seen. There were at least ten this size that we could see from out view point.

Unfortunately we didn't see any baby birds. But I on closer observation I did spy some birds hiding in the branches. Can you spot the herons in the following pictures??

I think we will try to go again this weekend and see if we can spot those babies.


Laurel said...

Bird watching is a fun activity. I love to watch the birds too. We have alot of Sand Hill Cranes here. Blue Heron, Woodstorks, Ibis, Egrets, Pileated Woodpeckers too.

Katie said...

We actually saw the birds, except that I had to make the picture bigger. Brad saw the bird in the last one before I zoomed in. It looked pretty tall.

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