Friday, September 26, 2008

I Have Been Touched

Hearts have been touched far and wide and mine is one of them. I had read about the Nielsen Family on other blogs and for a few weeks have been following their story. If you haven't heard, Stephanie and Christian Nielsen were involved in a plane crash and critically burned, about a month ago. They are the parents of four beautiful children. I had never read Stephanie's blog, The NieNie Dialogues, before the accident. Her sister from C Jane is now reposting some of Nie's posts and I can see why so many people loved to read her blog. She is an amazing, incredible woman. Some of the things about this whole story that are most touching to me are:

Number one: Watching how a strong extended family work to together to strengthen, support, sustain and take care of one another. This whole family is such a great example to me.

Number two: The blogging community has certainly reached out in remarkable way, it is touching to see how many people are working to raise money to help the Nielsen's. I know there are also many prayers that are reaching to heaven in their behalf also.

Number three: It is always amazing to me how living the gospel of Jesus Christ helps people not to become bitter during such challenges, but remain true and faithful.

So, if you haven't already please visit the above websites and if you can help this family please do, especially pray for them. Thanks.


Aprilyn said...

I've been touched too. I want to read more of her Proc week post. Did you read that one? She went through and quoted the Proclamation to the World on the Family. She also had one about having a "mother heart" as we were counseled last year at General Relief Society Meeting. She is a great lady. I can't wait for her to be able to hold her little darlings and her husband again.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Stephanie's brother is in my ward. Here's his blog: He's a very funny man. He told his wife, "I want to hold an auction but I don't have anything. So, he said, "I will make you famous." And people bid like crazy. (He opened his comments section just for that blog.) I think the winner paid almost $900.

Thanks for mentioning Stephanie and her husband on your blog.

Liz said...

I read Stephanie's blog occasionally before the accident, but now I look at her blog and Courtney's blog all the time. It has really made me think about family relationships and how important they are especially the ones within my own home. It is amazing what has been done for them, and what an amazing family she has.

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