Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Greatest Father's Day Gift

Kyle came home from the hospital yesterday. What could be better than that??


There are many special fathers in my life. My own father, the father's of my grandchildren, and the father's of my children's spouses and my husband's father. As I watched the following video I was amazed a how closely this father resembled a special father in my life, the father of my children. Mike's unconditional love touches in my heart. I'm so glad to share my life with him, and that we have been able to parent together. He is a great example to me. Enjoy the video.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am down south helping Katie this week. It is my job to get her safely to and from the hospital and offer whatever support I can. Little Kyle is doing well. He is a sleepyhead baby as you can tell from this picture. We sat him up to try to wake him up, but he was just comfy and feel back asleep.

But, he was able to nurse a little bit yesterday. When he can eat enough on his own he can go home. Right now, he still has in a feeding tube in his nose. But everyday he is taking more and more orally, so that is great. And, he just adorable. Katie reads and sings to him and he just loves to cuddle up with his mommy!! It's so sweet to watch.

The NICU at Loma Linda Children's Hospital is about 20 minutes from Katie's house. It has been interesting driving on the Southern California freeways again. (I learned to drive on these freeways). I'm so spoiled where I live, we don't have traffic jams. The hard part for me was driving at night. But I did it!! Oh, and it was fun when I lost my keys at the hospital. Not really, I was happy Katie found them.

We are very much looking forward to the day when little Kyle can come home. Thanks again for all your prayers. It really does help.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


That is my new favorite word...dichotomy!!

For the past week my mind has been a dichotomy of thoughts. You see, I never wanted any of my children to share in the experience of having a little newborn baby in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). Days become one big roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Nothing is quite so hard as seeing your infant hooked up to all kinds of tubes with alarms, bells and whistles going off constantly. One doctor says one thing, and another doctor says something completely different. Some nurses are great and some are horrible. All you want is to get your baby out of that place. Away from tubes and noises and into the peace and quiet of your home.

However, when you go through trials like that you find a strength beyond your own. You can feel the faith and prayers of others. You grow closer to Heavenly Father and understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ clearer. You can see miracles unfold right before your eyes. You see the good that comes from others who love and care for you and your family. Who wouldn't want that for their children?

I don't know how to reconcile those two opposing thoughts. Then again maybe I don't have too! They can stay there in my mind...a dichotomy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Evan's Graduation

If you have never been to a Special Education graduation, you should go!! They are very touching. I went to my first one yesterday, to watch my amazing twenty-one year old son, Evan, graduate from public school. He started school at age three months, in the Infant and Toddler program. Of course, it was just once a week and I went with him. It was school nonetheless with a real teacher, and speech therapist, and physical therapist and other helpers. They were wonderful and I still have fond memories of that program. They helped me to become confident in my ability to help Evan reach his full potential. We progressed through pre-school, elementary school. Then came high school and the Independent Skills program. The ISP program is for the 18 to 22 year old's, who are not ready to leave the public school system quite yet. So, I'm not sure if it's accurate to say that Evan graduated high school. He doesn't have a high school dipoloma, but rather a cerificate of completion. I couldn't be prouder though. Evan has worked very hard. I'm not sure where the time went.

Evan getting his diploma. I have no idea who that man is who presented the diploma. Doesn't matter anyway.

We are proud parents!!

Every student that graduated had a friend from their program give a little speech about the graduate. Here is what Kristen said about Evan, it's hard to understand on the video.

"Evan and I met when we were five and in the same class. Evan is a good friend. he's smart, funny and likes to make people laugh by talking like Yoda. Evan is good at playing connect Four and he can beat all the teachers. Evan is an Eagle Scout. He collected 130 wheelchairs for others as his project. he plays Special Olympics power soccer, and likes to go on the internet and look up Star Wars. he does a weather blog and he likes Dave Hovde on the news. Evan will be going to the The Learning Center for his adult program. Thank you, Evan, for being my friend for so long. "

Monday, June 8, 2009

Introducing KYLE...please pray for him

This adorable baby is Kyle, my fifth grandchild. I was honored to attend his birth.

Kyle has one very incredible mother. She worked so hard to get her little one here to start their little family.

Kyle has one very special Daddy too!! Brad insists that Kyle will be a carpenter just like him and be working a circular saw by age six months. Hopefully, it will be a plastic one!!

Sometimes when babies are born they need medical attention. Kyle is a very smart baby. He let his nurses know he was having a hard time swallowing. So, they investigated further. His little esophagus was not attached to his stomach and he had a connection between his esophagus and trachea. Yesterday, little Kyle had surgery to connect all the right parts with the right pieces. He is in the NICU at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital. The doctors expect him to be in the hospital for 2 to 4 weeks. We can see and feel Heavenly Father's blessings through this trial. We appreciated those who have prayed and fasted for little Kyle and hope you will continue to have him and his parents in your prayers.

Then Kyle will be able to come home with his parents. What a joyous day that will be!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Thanks to Rachel for figuring out the confusion regarding my previous blog post. Apparently, I had used the font "webdings" not knowing it was hieroglyphics. It looked good to me, and I could read it fine. All I saw was normal letters. I guess no one else could. Live and learn. What's the point in hieroglyphic font anyway??
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