Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Thought I Was Going Crazy

The receptionist on the other end of the phone informed me that Evan had an eye appointment with the pediatric eye doctor on Thursday. "He does!!!" I was shocked. I remember taking him to see the adult eye doctor (they work in the same office) in March because it seemed one of his eyes was crossing again (he had previous strabismus surgery when he was little, which the pediatric eye doctor performed). Dr. B said he looked fine, maybe just a slight crossing but nothing to worry about for now. I didn't remember him telling us we needed to see the pediatric eye doctor. I should note that the pediatric eye doctor will ONLY see patients up to age 18 unless referred by another doctor. Why didn't I remember that referral? I must admit some of my life is a blur. That happens when you birth six children in eleven years. But, I thought I had been thinking with clarity that past few years. Was I going crazy? I'm almost always on top of what appointments Evan needs with the umpteen specialists he needs to see. Sometimes it's a full time job. Okay, your right that's a slight exaggeration!! How about part-time job. Okay, part-time temporary job!! Anyway, back to the story. I'm so surprised I don't know what to say. I try to tell her I don't remember making that appointment, and she tries to tell me it's down here in the computer and she is just doing her job reminding people of appointments. So, I just say, "Well let me think about". I don't do spontaneous very well. She called me later in the day to apologize because a mistake had been made. Evan didn't need to come in after all!! PHEW!! I'm not going crazy after all!!

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Laurel said...

Are you sure???? Positively sure???

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