Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Once a week I volunteer at my local Family History Center. When I am not assisting our patrons I do my own research. Currently, I have been browsing the vital records on mircofilm for Terracina, Italy looking for family. I recently found this 1900 death record for Umberto Vincenzo Giannetti. Whenever, I see the surname Giannetti, I stop and try to read the record. While I don't really know Italian I have been able to learn from the FamilySearch website's many helpful guides, what to look for in Italian records to find basic information. In this record I saw the names of my great parents Silviano Giannetti and Rosaria Morlani. They were listed as the parents of this five year old little boy who died, Umberto Giannetti. I didn't know about him before. At first I am filled with sadness. Many things go through my mind. How hard would it be to lose your little child or a small brother? I wondered how he died. If the records states the reason I don't know how to read that part. I think back about my grandmother, Virginia. She was such a sad person. Did her brother's death have something to do with that? She would have been eight years old when he died. The family immigrated to America and leaving their little one's grave back in Italy. What sadness would that bring? 
Then I felt joy. Joy to have found this little one.  Someone, has remembered him on earth and thought of that family today.  I know that families can be forever.  That makes me happy!


Price Family said...

Wow, Mom that's soooo cool!
Do you want me to find someone to translate the full record?

Cindy said...

I was going to ask Stella, but I hardly ever see her. If you know someone that would be great. Thanks.

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